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For Diaz, the character of Alvey was the easiest to piece together in terms of ink. Grillo, who plays Alvey, an ex-fighter who now runs an MMA gym, knew exactly what he wanted. And he wanted a large cross on his left bicep. That went together fairly smoothly; everybody signed off on the first concepts we came up, and that was our easiest. A former but not quite done yet fighter and general disappointment to his father, Alvey, Jay went through a number of tattoo ideas.

Tucker, keeping in theme with his original armor idea, imagined the tattoo as a sort of chest plate.

The day before shooting, Diaz painted stripes on his own forearm, which he brought back to Balasco, who loved the idea. As a result, Tucker had his arms painted for the first few days of shooting until they could create a custom-fitted stencil, another concept that he felt worked with his original armor idea.

Instead of having that be exposed to the world, I think Jay finds solace in those tattoos.

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And for Tucker, who would love more tattoos come seasons 2 and 3 , the tattoos were key in helping him get into character. The wardrobe chances, the dialogue changes, your character changes, but the tattoos stay constant.

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I thought it was imperative for the tattoos to reflect that former savage. But written in the script or not, Lauria was most passionate about keeping the memorable chest tattoo. I wanted the Polynesian tattoos because originally, we were Southern California surfer kind of guys.

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But the biggest challenge for Ryan was figuring out what sort of back tattoo fit the character best. Diaz, who had worked on Red Dragon among other projects, was a big fan of full-piece back tattoos.

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However, the team ran into issues with the uniquely shaped skull of a pitbull, as well as the three-dimensionality of the concept. Instead, Diaz proposed a self-portrait of Ryan leaving the cage with blood dripping off his gloves. It was an idea Lauria came around to. Balasco signed off, and to some extent, it was either a sword or nothing. Once shooting began, the tattoos were applied as decals on a daily or, if they held up, semi-daily basis. With two make-up artists on each actor, preparation still took anywhere between an hour to two and a half, depending on how many tattoos would be visible on that shooting day.

So after the tattoos were placed on like decals, sealed with cosmetic sealer, and then touched up, the three-person make-up team was constantly on-call to make additional touch-ups. If the actors decided to grab a couple beers after work, there was the possibility that the alcohol could sweat out through their pores, raise the tattoo, and bring the team back to step one. The bottom line? By the end of it all, it was worth the hassle, because the tattoos played a huge role in helping the guys channel their characters.

It was really great to see the transition between when they stepped into the trailer and then once we were finished with the tattoos. And as far as the actors are concerned, one of the things they learned from hanging around real fighters is that, generally, the guy with more tattoos is the better fighter. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. TV Show. Episode Recaps Previous. S13 E9 Recap. Kingdom recap: 'Cactus'.

By Samantha Highfill. S3 E10 Recap.

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S3 E8 Recap. Kingdom recap: 'Old Pueblo'. S3 E7 Recap.

Kingdom recap: 'Platinum Level'. S3 E6 Recap. Kingdom recap: 'All Talk'. S3 E5 Recap. Kingdom recap: 'Please Give'. S3 E4 Recap.

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Kingdom recap: 'Headhunter'. S3 E3 Recap. A defiant and lonely figure, hatted and mac-ed. The moor all rugged and dusky.

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Nothing but a new day and a solvable murder on the horizon. By the time the camera panned over an old stone cottage and the deserted sands it overlooked, I was gone. Closely followed by Northumberland, Blethyn is the best thing about Vera — now on its sixth series and still watched by millions, most of whom are awake — by a long shot. She has the loveliest voice, at once girlish and gruff. Her face is kind but means business. Not many actors can pull off shambolic and effective, but Blethyn can do it with a single, penetrating glance from beneath that hat.

She is sensitive but often fails to see the grouse for the moors. Like at the start of the episode when she sees the body of a woman found lying on the moor and pronounces her in her late 30s. Oh well, only 20 years out. Sometimes, when I saw her pulling up in her battered Land Rover, I forgot what I was watching and thought she was the village vet. She knows the Latin names of plants and can say them out loud without looking like a pretentious git. The plot is of the neat and tidy box-ticking variety.

And my word, it drags on. Six ad breaks come and go as Vera bumbles about the beautiful place investigating the murder of a grandmother recently returned from Edinburgh to reconcile with her two daughters. We learn a lot about a lot. Just as I was really glazing over, still in a good way, things got quite exciting. The big reveal — well, for Vera anyway — prompted a car chase across the moor, naturally and something genuinely unexpected happened. Suffice to say I was momentarily jolted out of my Sunday night stupor. In a good way, obviously.