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Sign up for a FREE series of emails. The earthquake had killed over 15, people and damaged over , buildings including a nuclear reactor. Bashir asked the Christian author and speaker this question:. Which is it? The Scriptures are filled with stories of people who suffered in tremendous ways. Jesus knows what it feels like to grieve and experience loss. He was acquainted with every aspect of life. He understands what it feels like to experience pain, rejection, abandonment, betrayal — all the things that haunt us.

One of the disciples of Jesus who is mentioned a lot in the New Testament was Peter. Consequences — Bad decisions have bad results.

Are you suffering because of a mistake you made or continue to make? Peter mentions that some of us suffer because of our criminal acts or for meddling in the affairs of others while not taking responsibility for ourselves. Maybe you had the best intentions, and you were even heading in the right way, but you ended up messing up the process. In the end, we reap what we sow. Sometimes our suffering could have been avoided if we had more emotional intelligence or did what we knew we were supposed to do.

God loves us so much He does not force us to live according to His ways. He respects and loves us enough that we have been given freedom.

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The challenge is that we have made bad choices that lead to results we did not want. We wonder if God cares, and He wonders if we are even listening! So often we ask God to free us from the consequences of our actions. Instead we should be asking Him for help to make better decisions. We need to be quicker to learn from our mistakes. Guilt and shame can keep us trapped. We need to have the courage to involve others in our healing and recovery process.

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Humility helps us acknowledge we need help from God and help from others. Our pride can keep us from moving forward. Persecution — Good decisions may have tough results. Are you suffering for doing good? Sometimes to get to where God wants us to get, we must endure hard times. For some of us, we try so hard to avoid pain in our lives that we avoid making the right choices.

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Genuine persecution comes when we are criticized, mocked, ridiculed, or even endangered as a result of the good choices we make. In our world, people who choose to follow Jesus face hostility, imprisonment, and even death. As strange as it may sound, Peter says that if you are suffering for doing good then we need to rejoice which means to be grateful and even to thrive in the midst of our trying times because we are catching a glimpse of what Jesus was willing did for us.

Circumstances — A broken world affects us.

We live in a fallen world. We are also adversely affected by the choices others make, whether those choices seem innocent or those choices are downright evil. Disease, death, violence, natural disasters, injustice all point to the fact that something has gone wrong. Other times we face difficult moments as a result of the times in which we live. Challenging circumstances remind us of our frailty, and they can be what draws us closer to God rather than pull us away. We do not have to become victims to our circumstances; we can overcome! It is easy to trust in God when everything is going great!

Very little faith is required! A deep faith is necessary to trust God when things are not going well. Shallow faith gives up. My faith became real when I was willing to go to places I had been avoiding all of my life. Often we are in the midst of the pain, so we bail.

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We bail on God. You know all my ways very well. And You have laid Your hand upon me. It is too much for me to understand. Or where can I run away from where You are? If I make my bed in the place of the dead, You are there! And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are the same to You.

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You put me together inside my mother. Your works are great and my soul knows it very well. And all the days of my life were written in Your book before any of them came to be.

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How many there are! When I awake, I am still with You. Those who hate You use Your name in a wrong way. And do I not hate those who rise up against You? They have become men who hate me.