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Every game in a casino is made up of rules, which can be learned and understood with a little research and practice.

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You can even learn the most basic rules of a game, allowing you to play for fun without knowing everything. Take Blackjack for example — the basic rule of the game is for the value of your cards to total The dealer deals you two cards, then based on the total value of those two cards, you decide whether or not you want another card to try to reach If the dealer gets closer than you to 21, or your cards total over 21, then you lose.

The internet is full of guides written by experts and non-experts, just for people like us! They come with all kinds of handy diagrams, explanations in plain English and even video tutorials. Most casinos are very keen to help you learn how to play the games in their casinos — of course they are, they make their money when we lose it playing their games! The great thing about this is that casinos often offer free lessons for a variety of casino games, including Blackjack, Roulette, and different types of Poker.

These beginner lessons are most likely to be in the morning, but check with your hotel or the casino to find out. Reading about the games and being told about them is one thing, but practice makes perfect.

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You can practice amongst friends on the kitchen table over a couple of beers, or if you really want to get your feet wet without actually entering a real casino, you could play online casino. What you should do is seek out the games with the lowest spend per bet, which means you can place more bets for the same budget.

The table minimum is the smallest bet you can place for each round of the game, which is normally posted clearly on a sign on or next to the table. The lower the table minimum, the less you bet per round, the longer you can extend your first casino experience without blowing your budget.

In fact, if you play, drink and eat wisely, then you could have a great time and spend less than you would in a bar or a club! Waiters and waitresses will come to you to take your order and it is customary to tip a dollar or two per drink. Just like any other situation, learning the basic social customs and interactions will ensure that you stay on good terms with the dealer and other players and prevent you from being told off by any staff members, which would obviously spoil the experience for you.

Tipping the dealer is a very important custom in casinos, even more so than in restaurants , and some players even consider it good luck. Tip with chips, not with cash. Follow these easy steps to get the most out of your first Las Vegas casino experience.

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Dec 1, am. Why am I writing this guide? It was real easy for a while and then leads, camos, rainbows, camo leads, and omg ceramics started appearing and slamming me. I had no idea what to do next. But somehow I figured it out. I base my core strategy on his. I feel the part of the game where only tier 2 upgrades are available is so easy as to be self-explanatory. This guide is for those that cannot progress any further with tier 2 ninjas. At a certain point, you need tier 3 to make any further progress.

And the difficulty really sharply rises once tier 3 opens up. Once you hit tier 3, things really change in a big way. Many beginners think that Ninja Monkeys and Monkey Appentices the wizards are great. And they are—at tier 2. Once tier 3 opens up, both the app and ninja are overshadowed by the boomerang monkey boomer. I have all of the tier 3 upgrades for all 3, and have tested all of them. Those numbers are most likely correct.

It serves as the workhorse of tier 3. Tiles are super easy to beat. At around maybe level 10 or so many of you are going to hit a sudden rise in difficulty—mostly in the form of certain advanced bloon types. The jump from tier 2 to tier three upgrades in terms of both city cash and timers is tremendous.

Just guessing which one to upgrade is frustrating. So what is our strategy to be that can deal with all this? The Workhorse: Boomerang Monkeys Well, we are going to focus first on getting boomerang monkeys boomers upgraded to tier 3. Everything else is either too expensive, or just falls short in popping power. This will enable you to pop frozen bloons and then lead bloons. Why not ninja monkeys, you ask? Now, I know there are a great many die-hard ninja monkey fans out there who swear on ninja monkeys as their staple.

I believe most of these are players who have unlocked the 4th tier upgrade, Bloonjitsu.

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Now look, in the early game, which is where you and I are at, 4th tier is not an issue. Anyhow, I have both tier 3 upgrades for both the ninja and the boomers and have done comparisons.

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The boomers clearly have more popping power than the ninjas. Boomers are unable to detect camos by themselves. What signal flare does is to permanently remove the camo from bloons that are caught by the explosion. Problem solved! This will win you 5 bloonstones per game. After level 10, you can capture tiles in hardcore mode. This will double the cash and bloonstone reward. This is important because you need bloonstones to upgrade.

And you need upgrades to make progress. There are 2 great strategies to help you do this. If the spike factory spactory is too expensive at this point, use road spikes to take care of the bloons that slip past your boomer. Basic strategy is this: start by placing a boomer and, if you can afford it, a spactory. This is our core strategy. This should serve you well—at least until you start encountering ceramics.

Made of clay: Ceramics These tough, brown mothers take multiple hits before popping, and when they do, they spawn a large number of children bloons. Too much armor, too many children, not enough cash. But, good news! What you need now is a way to slow those dastardly bloons to a crawl, so that your boomers can cut them down to size. You likely have 3 options at this point: ninjas, glue gunners, and ice monkeys.

Letting even one ceramic go is probably gonna wipe you out, let alone 3. Glue gunners are also unsuitable. Glue does not slow ceramics. Now, ice, our savior. Ice monkeys do freeze ceramics. Core Strategy Update—Ceramic Bloons So now, our strat is looking like this: start the round with one boomer at the entrance and a spactory at the exit.

At this point, ceramics will be looming over the horizon. Place an ice tower somewhere. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to pm me or post in the thread. Well, thank you for these instructions sir. HollowedHearts 92 posts.