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She was a remarkable woman of great quality and the highest moral fibre. When she died in May , there was a very nice editorial about her in the local newspaper. My grandfather came back to America in and returned in to marry and bring back his bride.

lady pancake and sir french toast

They had five children. Six, as their second son, Thomas died early of spinal bifida. Each of the five. And, of the fourteen of us first cousins, as many as nine of us have had back problems — some of them quite serious. We have often wondered if any of our distant relatives have had any such problems, too, and, to what degree. If so, I hope you they are all fine and adjusted to them.

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We are. William was the first son of my grandparents. He was ten or eleven years old. Uncle Bill was a man of the highest integrity. Everybody loved him. He taught music for many years. He had a terrific knack to make one feel happy, and to see the brighter side of things. As you will read, they had some very serious and tragic medical problems, but this never kept him from being positive.

Uncle Bill was married twice. His first wife was our Aunt Beth, and together they had three children. She was an outstanding cook, and always prepared a grand feast. They had a very fine home, and it was full of laughter and music. At those family dinners, there were always family shows. People who sing, play various instruments — flute, violins, trombones, and of course the piano.

But, I mean everybody but me.

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Every member of our family has a talent. Voice, instrument or both, except me. The rest are jealous of me though because I have all the looks. Elizabeth was the first child of Bill and Beth. We called her Betsy. She is the only one of us cousins who has died to date.

Betsy had a rare disease called lupus. She taught Art in the same school district as her father, but only for a few years, because her illness took such a toll on her. Her husband was a track coach at Rutgers University in New Jersey. His track team was in the Summer Olympics in Japan. The Roberts family was raised closer than many brothers and sisters, let alone cousins.

So, when Betsy was so sick, it was devastating to us all. She was delightful, fun-loving girl. I have to say though, that when she died, it was almost welcome, because she was so sick. If ever we meet, and get to sharing stories about family members, Betsy is one member you will love to hear about because she was such a character.

She died in November Her mother, Aunt Beth died earlier that year in January, also of lupus. William O, Jr. Willy is the second. He lives in Connecticut. For many years he was a Presbyterian Minister, but in recent years he left the ministry to go into private practise as a labour-relation consultant. Bill and I are the same age, and we are very good friends. He is extremely intelligent, and, like his sister, a great deal of fun, but perhaps in a quieter way.

He and his wife, Melissa has three handsome and very intelligent sons, David, Christopher and Matthew. Kenneth is the third child of Bill.

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We share the same birthday — March 8th. Kenny has two children, Lisa and Mark. Lisa is in college, while Mark is just finishing high school. They live a few hundred miles away, also in Connecticut, and is a real big shot. You know, very important.

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As a matter of fact, Ken is a terrific, down-to-earth type of guy. As a young child he was severely burned and spent years in pain and therapy. Even in high school, after all the years of pain he had endured, he was an outstanding wrestler. After Aunt Beth died in , Uncle Bill had been resigned to living alone.

They had stopped at a restaurant for lunch, where they met a fellow music teacher who had been a friend of Bill and Beth. The teacher, Miss Peg Bracken, joined them for lunch and they struck up a conversation. Bill was planning a trip to Europe that summer, and Peg was going to be in Russia. However, their itineraries were scheduled to cross in Belgium, where they planned to and did meet. Well, they struck up a nice relationship, and upon their return to the USA, began seeing each other. Well, when Betsy died in November of , bill was so devastated that he and Peg decided to step up their marriage plans and marry quietly just after the Christmas holidays.

Peg went into hospital for a routine check-up, and never came out. She died in a very short period of lung cancer.

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Now, bill was really devastated. Months went by, and Bill was carrying on with his life, but just a shell of a man. I believe they went to a social function together.

Well sure enough, they sparked up a romance and. Uncle Bill married our new Aunt Ruth Davis. I know that his Peg must have been a lovely lady. Our Aunt Beth was a doll. But, this lady is something else. It seems that God sent her here to make sure he had a comfortable old age.

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  8. She is just a super-great lady. Charm, grace, and, like all my aunts, an excellent cook!!! They married on June 18, More about this a little later … Also, that week, June 23, we had a major flood.

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    So, Bill and Ruth returned from their honeymoon, but could not get to their home because the roads were all flooded. They had to stay with my mother and eight other guests some of them total strangers — for nearly 2 weeks. Our uncle Bill was the head of our family. We all looked up to him very much. So, when major decisions had to be made, my mother often consulted with Uncle Bill.