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AS EVER with fan culture, nobody is entirely concrete on the origins of the song as a serenade for the rugby union side. Controversially, the subject matter is widely believed to be about a movement called the Underground Railroad, who helped black slaves escape to the north of America during that period. Despite not being recorded until the early 20th century, the most popular performance of the song came by folk singer Joan Baez at Woodstock in And some rugby fans claim to have sung the song at local clubs since the 60s as part of a drinking game, although it didn't reach Twickenham until two decades later.

DESPITE it's origins being up for debate, the song was first recorded in and has been booming around Twickenham since the late s. Sign in. So we met up with some English and French cyclists and had a few sundowners to lighten the load. Turned out two of the English guys were cycling to Japan for the Rugby as well so lots in common including a thirst. Fearful of loosing Ben Moons beer I managed to persuade the boys to smuggle it through customs in their pannier bag, they were more than happy to help with this important mission. Still intact and just a little warm we retrieved it a little later on the side of the road.

He suggested that he could look the other way if one bottle of wine could be his, to which I agreed. After a prolonged customs process and other border issues to attend to he arrived for his bottle just as we were about to leave ,hoping no one would see him but another officer arrived and that was that ,the wine stayed with us as we waved him goodbye! Parked up on the sea front for a swim in the Caspian Sea with a lot of interest from local kids and families so I got the Rugby ball out and had a great time passing to ball around and giving guided tours of Amber.

We set off from Aqtau in search of the valley of balls which was recommended from IOverlander another fab app with parking sites and loads of other good up to date information after about 10 k of off road desert track we arrived at this magical place where the wind has eroded the sandstone into these huge stone balls.

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As my old boss used to say Onward and Upwards! Our next stop was to be a truly memorable evening were we set up camp away from the road ready to welcome the boys with a ,too cold to hold beer,warm shower,and bbq on the fire pit.

George Jones - Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Ouvir Música

Awnings up for some shade Amber made a great base for the night,they arrived about after cycling through the heat of the day which was up in the high 30s. Waved down after a particularly bad stretch of road by a German guy and his nephew heading for Laos with this camper van. He then bought us supper and a few beers.

Sing Hosanna - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

The Aral Sea In this area was covered in 25m of water with a thriving fishing industry. Caused by Russian cotton production and gross stupidity!

Uzbekistan is a very gas rich ,diesel poor country with very few stations serving diesel. We were told that sometimes it is impossible to obtain so we had to fill all our Jerry cans and bought two extra giving us a range of about km so this was a bit of a worry as we needed to do about km. You can imaging our relief when having used a full tank and two Jerry cans we found a station with fuel Phew! Should now be up to date have missed out loads so if you want to see a more detailed route with more shots and descriptions head on over to the Polar steps app search for Sue Farrell and ask to follow and you will see our tracker working away as we head even more East!

Bulgaria memorable for first sight of Black Sea was pretty blue actually. Everywhere seems quiet as out of season but friendly enough folk and fabulous scenery with mountain roads with Amber down into 1st gear at times! Entered Turkey at small mountain border crossing taking about an hour to sort out stuff but all very friendly and interested in Amber Soon down from the hills and onto motorway with heavy wind and loads of crazy trucks making it fun.

Bit of a worry when we came to leave motorway as flashing lights and alarms going off but no where to pay or anyone about so just drove on and learnt after that tourists get 15 days free motorway Phew had memories of Midnight Express! Our Fab App Park for the night gave us a great parking site which was 10 mins walk from Blue Mosque and beside the Bosporus with Ramadan just starting it was an interesting place later on with families picnicking and Mosque calling to prayers Dolphins swimming and a fab Full moon vey atmospheric! The other Highlight of Istanbul was getting a haircut and beard trim from a genuine Turkish Barber Took longer that planed as he decided my ears were too hairy and got the hot wax out, yup it did hurt but a good experience and I look less of a hedge monkey now!

Left Istanbul Monday morning in the traffic which was interesting and went on forever. A day of motorways and mountains following the coast which we have done for the last week stopping off along the way. A great place with super friendly people and stunning empty roads Amber much impressed with the long flat sections of motorway with only one or two cars to be seen cracking on ta a steady 80 kph achieving a staggering Total mileage so far miles done without a drip being dropped ,well not that I can see!

And also to update this yer blog!


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Doing our bit for U. Hemyock — Southampton to meet up with Dougie quality time spent with our favorite son. Who is going to have Dibley for a while. Belgium overnight in Bruges many happy memories of New Holland Combine factory visits! Moule frites n beer in the square. Parked up in Bad Honnongen right beside the Rhine. It just happened to be a celebration weekend of years so we got stuck in and enjoyed the festival culminating in a flotilla of 50 cruise boats all lit up and fireworks!

Next stop Brombachsee a huge inland lake south of Nuremberg Campsite beside lake with awesome views and bird life. Got the bikes out and cycled before breakfast. No comments about A monkey on a bike ,you lot! Amber doing well not a drip anywhere to be seen! Cracking on at a steady 55mph which is perfect and stressless. Found a comfortable position for my knee which involves left foot throttle operation which is a huge relief as driving from Home to Southampton I had to stop 3 times to stretch the legs and relieve the pain!

The only thing we have booked is our ferry from Vladivostock, the rest we will make up as we go but here is a list of countries and approximate dates. Skip to content. Home Contact. So with time on our hands we set off on a leisurely pace , about 25km to our first wild camping in Japan Not a bad spot for the night and a swim in the Pacific before breakfast! Followed by an ice cold shower from a stream! And another swim snorkel Just in case you were missing some tractor action check this little beauty out 60 hp on rubber tracks!

Another wild camping spot complete with mozzies, horse flies,BBQ n beers! Let the Party begin! A smiley birthday breakfast! A great start to the day in our Air BnB and ending up in the Hilton thanks to Simons generosity Decorations done in style thanks chums! Birthday surprise my sister Nicky flew out to join us a great shock completely un expected And then a most incredible Japanese meal in Gonpachi restaurant which was the inspiration for one of the fight scenes in the film Kill Bill.

Come on England! Georgia What a fantastic country! Parked up in down town Batumi for the night! Local kids doing their traditional dancing so good and together with such pride!

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Batumi by night Next onto Gory the birthplace of Joseph Stalin a right nasty piece of work! Last of the snow at m More hair pins than Ena Sharples hairdo! Up and down without an issue except for a bit of brake squeal from rear Wild camping in the woods Looking down on Tbilisi where did I park Amber? Tbilisi We would definitely come back!

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If you have never tried Georgian wine you need to check these guys out! Our super useful app Park for night led us eventually to this small eco friendly winery is stunning surroundings where Niki and Mya a young couple are producing and exporting all over the world their organic range of natural wines Yup huge amphora buried in the ground to maintain temperature A little stroll to some caves she said Where she too now then?

Now weem varmin! Barley being cut in May bugger my pig! Quick scrub up before Baku the capital of Azerbaijan And after nearly miles not a drop dripped! Well not here anyhow! After the rugby I have only one thing to say to Saracens! Stop trucking about Amber ,where you hiding now?

We promised Douglas it will last until Japan so only one every Sunday til then Brake squeal front or back?