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Likewise, sperm does not carry the intelligence to create a person. Who is it that gives the sperm the intelligence to create a person with the right body parts, the right sex and the right characteristics? When the baby is born, those nutrients are changed so that they are delivered through the breast milk.

As the baby grows stronger and less reliant on breast milk, the baby grows teeth so that he can now eat the relevant food that is now needed for the body. We see the miracle of Allah SWT in how the way our body adapts to its needs without any effort on our part. We see that just as we have teeth, we have all different types of teeth so that we can eat different types of food, some teeth can tear through food, some can grind food and some can crush food.

Tawheed al Mufaddal and the Creation of Man (Part 1 of 4)

Our stomach is given all types of food, for example solid, liquid, hot, cold, vegetable and meat. Our stomach is able to handle each food in the right way and extract the nutrients in the exact way that is required. The waste that is then not needed is carefully passed through an intricate system so that none of it enters our bloodstream and causes us disease. It passes to our bowels and our intestine so that we can remove it easily. Just as a guesthouse is designed with the bathroom discrete, the orifices that this waste leaves our body is also discretely hidden so that we can maintain our modesty.

One of the true miracles of Allah SWT is how he has given us the right body parts in the right place. Our head, for example is placed at the top of our body. Imagine if it was placed in the middle or towards the bottom of our body, how effective would it be? Our head is placed at the top of our body because it is where our organs that gather information are. This allows our eyes to see further, our ears to hear further, our nose to smell better and our mouth to taste easily.

Each sense was created for a purpose, to respond to a stimulus. When we look at our eyes, for example, our eyes see colour and that colour can only be seen with light. This perfect balance of stimulus, response and method is a miracle of Allah SWT. Imam Jaffar-us-Sadiq AS stated that there are those of us who have not been given a sense. For example, some of us may be blind or deaf.

The reason for this is to remind us all that it was Allah SWT that has given us these senses and when we see someone without this, we should be grateful to Allah SWT that he has given us this sense. Imam AS proclaimed that anyone who had to endure not having one of the five senses in this world would be rewarded for this in the next. Just as the parts of our body are placed in the right places, they are also given in the right quantity. We previously contemplated what our life would be like if our head was in the middle of our body or if it was at the bottom of our body.

Likewise, what would our life be like if we were given two heads? When we look at our body, Allah SWT has given us some parts of our body in singles and some in pairs. We have one head as this allows our sense organs to have a single home and be able to perform without any inconvenience. Likewise, we have two hands as it helps us to work, two legs as it helps us to run. Where we need one, we have been given one and where we need two we have been given two.

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Furthermore, the true intelligence behind our design by Allah SWT is seen in how many of the parts of our body have many functions. Our throat, for example, has two tubes, one to deliver air to the lungs and one to deliver food and drink to our stomach. If the wrong tube delivers water to the lungs, it could cause death. When we look at our fingers, we again see the miracle of Allah SWT.

At the tips of our fingers, the top is hard and covered in a nail and the bottom is soft and sensitive to heat.

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Our fingertips detect the heat of food and if it is too hot, we do not eat it as that could damage our stomach. Our nails allow us to grip and to work, amongst many things. This gives our fingers so many different uses. When the Imam AS was asked why our nails were always growing, he said that through our nails, our body removes toxins.

Tawheed Al Mufaddal

This is why we should trim our nails, as that ensures that this process of removing toxins can continue. Likewise, we also remove toxins through our sweat. Imam AS said that when we look at our body, we always have hair over our sweat glands on our head, under our armpits etc.

Just as there is grass where there is water, there is hair where there is sweat. When we look at us humans, we have hair only in the parts of our body that needs hair. However, when we look at nature, we see many animals that have hair all over their body, except of their receptive organs and their sexual organs.

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Allah SWT has created male and female so that they can reproduce and continue the existence of the population. In humans and animals where sexual union is required to reproduce, the male and female are different in appearance. In species where sexual union is not required, there is no difference in appearance between the male and female.

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  6. The Imam AS gives the example of a wasp, where there is no physical difference in appearance between a male and female wasp, in which impregnation happens through parthenogenesis and not sexual union. Just as Allah SWT has given us a perfect body that works according to his design, he has also given us urges so that we ensure that we maintain it effectively. Allah SWT has given us the urge to eat and drink through hunger and thirst so that our body always has the fuel it needs to effectively maintain itself.

    Allah SWT has given us the urge to rest through feeling tired and needing to sleep so that we give our body time to heal and recuperate. Allah SWT has given us sexual urges so that we procreate and maintain the population of our species. The deeper hiqmat behind this is also explained by the Imam AS. With each need, there is also the need for a provider for that need. Just as Allah SWT has blessed our body physically, he has given us many other faculties.

    Allah SWT has not only given us senses to receive, but memory to remember what these senses have shown us. What would our life be like without the faculty of memory?

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    Al-Mufaddal Bin 'Amr

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