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It feels like the author needed to fill a set number of pages to have a viable book. The ending is page after page of blank diary-type lines where one is supposed to keep track of diet and exercise ro The original book "The Primal Blueprint" is supposed to be the definitive text on the Paleo lifestyle. The ending is page after page of blank diary-type lines where one is supposed to keep track of diet and exercise routines. The evidence is mostly anecdotal rather than scientific which the author fully admits.

Having read other books on the low-carb lifestyle, none of the information on insulin resistance was exactly ground-breaking for me. Jan 13, Rolando Gill rated it liked it. Great information, I am obviously convinced. I just felt like this turned out to be a successful attempt to get more of my money. Not overjoyed with that. I bought and read the original book and this had less information but delivered just as dryly. Jul 28, Salam Tims rated it it was amazing. A little book that delivers on its sub-title premise… Read it and act on it and you body and health will be transformed.

Oct 27, Mary-anne rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction-read. Excellent book for a newbie to paleo. Mark lays things out very clearly and well. Jun 24, Devin rated it liked it Shelves: health , nonfiction. Notes: Ten thousand years ago, anthropologists assert that it was not uncommon for humans who avoided rudimentary fatalities Eaten by a lion, fatal infection from a scraped knee, etc.


Our hunter-gatherer ancestors did just enough work to get by, and enjoy life of extensive Leisure Time and Rich social interaction. Rather than accumulated material goods, it would appear that ample leisure Time art, dance, music, play, Spore, and storytelling is the true currency of the hunter-gatherer Yes, your brain needs a small amount of glucose to keep it running, but this and other essential metabolic functions involving glucose are easily handled by internal Google's manufacturing mechanisms that are hardwired into your jeans.

Your liver, if healthy, can make up to grams of glucose— which it can also store is glycogen— on its own every day. This is more than enough to supply, even if you never ate another carbohydrate.

Your Transformation Starts Here: 7-Step Beginner's Guide

In an effort to dispense with excess glucose as quickly as possible, your body Burns it for immediate energy, stores it as glycogen in the muscles and liver, or stores it as fat in your fat cells. Your body can manufacture glucose from proteins and fats on demand, and in the amounts needed to keep her brain humming and energy level stable, through a process known as gluconeogenesis This elegant function happens in the liver where fats and protein either ingested or stored are converted into glucose and pumped into the bloodstream to keep you focused and energized.

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Many experts believe that gluconeogenesis can supply you with up to grams calories worth of glucose per day if necessary. The liver, which is the main backup glucose storage facility for the brain and other glucose burning organs, can only store about a grams of glycogen— less than a day's worth. Your muscles can only hold another to grams. That's barely enough to run for the 90 minutes. The total amount of glucose dissolved in the bloodstream of a healthy non diabetic adult is equivalent to only a teaspoon 5 g. Much more than that is toxic The brain is the major consumer of glucose, needing maybe a hundred 20 grams a day.

Low-carb eating reduces the brains of glucose requirements considerably, and those who are eating very low carb and are keto adapted may only require about 30 to 50 grams of glucose per day to fuel the brain. Ketones are an energy-rich by-product of gluconeogenesis produced when the liver uses fat to fuel the conversion process Insulin resistance occurs when muscle and liver cells become desensitized to insulin storage signals due to excessive production A vicious cycle leading to exhaustion transpires as follows: first, the ingestion of processed carbs elevates blood glucose levels, creating an immediate boost in energy, mood, and cognitive function.

Within minutes, your elevated blood glucose prompts the pancreas to release insulin into the bloodstream. This is an essential function, because excess glucose in the bloodstream is toxic and can quickly become life-threatening if not removed as experience by diabetics. Chipotle proudly promotes sourcing the most natural, local, planet-friendly meat and produce. Quinoa is technically not a cereal grain, but a chenopod— closely related to beets, spinach, and tumbleweeds. Wild rice is also not a cereal grain, but an aquatic grass also gluten free.

Quinoa and wild rice are the best options if you must have a grant type experience.

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Categorize the supplemental carbs has indulgences. They may be enjoyable, but are likely unnecessary— especially if you're trying to reduce excess body fat. Primal approved beverages include club soda, coffee, and mineral water try to find organic chocolate due to pesticide concerns with cocoa bean production in foreign countries Jul 09, Susan rated it it was amazing. I would give this 4. I really like the logical explanations he gave. I haven't tried the exercise portion of the book yet, but I have lost 20 pounds based on a mix of this book and the What to Eat When book, which makes me really happy.

I'll be going in for new blood work next month and am hoping my blood sugar will also be noticeably better.

Definitely worth a read! Apr 28, Jesus Rosales rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed the day guide and tips throughout the book. Leaning towards a Keto diet this book supplemented interest in the low carb high diet. I learn that you don't have to do strenuous workouts all the time. We go to the gym to assist with movement the real workout is in the food we eat.

Good ideas. I have the Kindle version which is a little harder to read and use like a workbook, but Mark Sisson knows what he's talking about and has ideas to make a switch to a more Primal lifestyle both fun and delicious. Must read for people looking for a lifetime of healthy life style Very logical explanation of healthy life style choices including diet, exercise options and things one must avoid to stay healthy.

Feb 08, Julie rated it liked it. Don't really need to read this if you've read Primal Endurance like I have. It's all the same information.

Look at any of his Primal works and decide which one applies to you and then read that. It's still a great message, but not one you need to read over and over. Good read This is a straightforward read with good insights and he provides a clears action plan to drive implementation into your life.

Manual The 7 Step Blueprint To Body Transformation

A good primer Just started to learn this way of nutrition life and this book was a good start to the learning path. Jan 20, Ellen Keener rated it really liked it. Feb 16, Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , audible. Good guide for implementing Primal Blueprint. Aug 11, Will G rated it it was ok.

The Primal Blueprint 21-day Total Body Transformation

It's all kinda the same information. This book is just more abridged. Jul 01, Mark Rosemaker rated it really liked it Shelves: personal-development , economics. What is the book about? The book is about reprogramming one's genes through diet and lifestyle including exercise. What problem was the author trying to solve? The author wants to educate the reader about supposed myths about diet and exercise and argue for the benefits of the paleo diet.

What are the main arguments? Do I agree? By eating like we ate in stone a What is the book about? By eating like we ate in stone age, we can switch on genes that make us fitter. I agree with the first argument.

How To Get Rich: A 7-Step Blueprint For Success

Our bodies react to our lifestyle. I think it's important to experiment with diets and see what happens.