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Later, it, its fellow guardian deities, and the rest of Alola helped Necrozma regain its true form by giving it some of their Z-Power. In Battling the Beast Within! Tapu Koko reappeared in the next episode , where it flew off once Ash and Pikachu returned. In A Recipe for Success! Mallow complied and provided Tapu Koko a burger made from Poni Island radish. In SM , Tapu Koko and its fellow deities assisted the Island Kahunas in dealing with a Guzzlord that was causing trouble during the closing ceremony of the Manalo Conference.

They did so by restraining it whilst the Kahunas used their Z-Moves to send it back through its Ultra Wormhole. Tapu Koko is very interested in Ash and is often seen observing him. It has a strong desire to challenge Ash and test his skills, even stealing Ash's hat in order for him to follow and battle it. Tapu Koko also does not tolerate impulsive behavior from other people. For example, when Gladion arrogantly yelled at the guardian deities out of impatience, it gave him an angry stare, telling him to wait.

Tapu Lele debuted in Partner Promises!


It was seen floating over the ocean, and scattered its glowing scales all over Ash to heal the wounds inflicted on him while he was rescuing a trapped Wimpod. Afterwards, it took off into the sky. Tapu Lele reappeared in The Island Whisperer! In Trials and Determinations!

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In Rising from the Ruins! When Olivia and Gladion 's Lycanroc brought it to be healed by the guardian deity. When Tapu Lele seemed to be incapable of completely healing Rockruff, it attacked the two Lycanroc until Ash arrived and stepped in to protect them. It then used Draining Kiss to drain energy from Ash and the two Lycanroc, allowing it to heal Rockruff.

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Tapu Lele also stayed to watch as Rockruff subsequently evolved into a Dusk Form Lycanroc in the light of the setting sun, smiling happily as it the floated away afterwards. In Family Determination! In Run, Heroes, Run! After hearing of Kiawe's plight, Tapu Lele challenged him to a battle. Despite Tapu Lele's strength, Kiawe managed to land a hit on it with his Charizard 's Aerial Ace , impressing Tapu Lele enough to give him some of its scales. In SM , Tapu Lele and its fellow deities assisted the Island Kahunas in dealing with a Guzzlord that was causing trouble during the closing ceremony of the Manalo Conference.

This was demonstrated in Rising from the Ruins! Tapu Bulu debuted in A Dream Encounter! At the Altar of the Sunne , the four guardian deities performed a ritual to allow Nebby, now a Cosmoem , to evolve into Solgaleo. The four then dispersed after seeing Nebby carry Ash and friends through the Ultra Wormhole. It made its first solo appearance in Some Kind of Laziness!

Ash requested that Tapu Bulu help train his team so that he may face the Island Kahuna Nanu in a rematch. While it initially ignored Ash so it could continue sleeping, Tapu Bulu eventually agreed to help. Later, it deliberately dirtied Ash's Lycanroc 's fur by pushing it into the water, angering Lycanroc into its berserk state until Ash calmed it down. After seeing the bond Ash and Lycanroc shared, Tapu Bulu agreed to battle with them. Though the battle ended without a victor, Tapu Bulu was impressed when Lycanroc proved to be a powerful opponent with its newly-learned Stone Edge.

In Guiding an Awakening! In SM , Tapu Bulu and its fellow deities assisted the Island Kahunas in dealing with a Guzzlord that was causing trouble during the closing ceremony of the Manalo Conference. Tapu Bulu appears to be more serious and subdued, compared to the more expressive Tapu Lele and Tapu Fini. In Some Kind of Laziness! Tapu Bulu was also shown to be very happy for Lycanroc when it got over its aversion to having its fur become wet or dirty.

Tapu Fini debuted in A Dream Encounter! Tapu Fini made its first solo appearance in Showdown on Poni Island! In order for them to atone for their sinful actions, Tapu Fini gave Kiawe a task to retrieve scales from Tapu Lele within a certain time. When Kiawe returned with the scales, Tapu Fini used them to heal his Charizard , who had been injured during the journey back. Afterwards, Tapu Fini forgave Ash and Kiawe for their reckless battling.

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In Memories in the Mist! Later, it filled the area around Hapu's house with mist. The mist allowed Mallow and Torracat to reunite with her mother and its deceased mentor, Stoutland , respectively. Worried that her friends would be trapped in the mist forever, Hapu traveled to the Ruins of Hope to convince Tapu Fini to stop. In A Grand Debut! Later, Tapu Fini watched Ash and Hapu's grand trial battle. In SM , Tapu Fini and its fellow deities assisted the Island Kahunas in dealing with a Guzzlord that was causing trouble during the closing ceremony of the Manalo Conference.

It then set Kiawe a task that he must complete in a certain time. In Parallel Friendships! Later, it watched Ash and Dia battle each other to recreate the event that transported Ash to Dia's world. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Jump to: navigation , search. Personal tools Create account Log in. Tapu Koko. Debuts in Alola to New Adventure! Check out these recommendations for restaurants with views to die for. The Algarve coast is one of the most beautiful in Europe and these restaurants offer amazing views.

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