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As for Monsieur Deauville, he remains merely a vaguely unsettling enigma until near the end, when the introduction of a supernatural element attempts to give him a more baleful dimension, but this comes too late to carry any conviction and registers as something merely grafted onto the novel to lend it some spurious, last-minute resonance.

The author is to be commended for confronting the hard realities of contemporary Ireland, but the book's spirited narrative can't conceal the fact that she has nothing much to say about it -- or at least nothing that we don't already know from newspapers, television, radio and our own experiences. Liam Collins Ulick O'Connor was a Renaissance man - a barrister, sportsman, writer, biographer and controversialist - who although fiercely nationalist in his political outlook enjoyed hobnobbing with some Book Reviews.

Nick Cave 'Ghosteen' review: 'The atmosphere of sadness is so intense that it is Also in Entertainment. Adorable moment year-old grandmother was serenaded by Dwayne Johnson Grandmom Grover is overjoyed as she receives a voice Renowned rock drummer Ginger Baker dies, aged 80 Ginger Baker has died aged The jazz and blues drummer co-founded Game Of Thrones defied a middling critical reception to its final Vicky Phelan reading paragraph from her A pleasure to read.

Smart fiction based on fact.

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Feelingly, elegantly written, it exerts the ever-tightening grip of a thriller. An elegy to an Ireland despoiled and betrayed by those who led it into financial ruin, it is also a cautionary tale of the depths to which unbridled greed can take you.


Her writing hops over the darkness in lively, lyrical, sometimes vitriolic leaps. Kilroy provides some of the most stunningly sly and wry writing being offered at the moment. One moment she is lyrical. The next she is brilliantly satirical.

better the devil you know than the devil you don't know

Ambitious, satirical and Gothic. Hickey retrieved one of the lobster pots. Hickey cupped the back of his head while Kyle watched the lobsters flail.

When a lobster made it to the edge of the grill, Hickey set it back in the middle. The lobster snapped at Hickey when he tried to tackle it with his tongs. All the elastic bands had melted and the remaining lobsters were making a break for it.

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The second one dropped onto the paving, then the third. He stamped on each lobster with his heel then threw him or her back on the grill, bellies up. Their various pairs of legs extended and retracted until they finally expired. Black Cat. About The Book Claire Kilroy is a prodigious, award-winning young talent in Irish fiction, whose fresh, authoritative voice has garnered enthusiastic praise. Tags Literary. Excerpt Hickey retrieved one of the lobster pots. It landed on the paving and dragged itself towards shelter. Newsletters, offers and promotions delivered straight to your inbox.