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Katherine Hepburn had such longevity because she excelled in playing all manner of older women as she aged. AH had plenty of opportunities to work as the scripts never stopped coming in, but she didn't want to spend extended time away from her young boys and her home in Switzerland. I don't think she was opposed to older women roles. Its just that the scripts and pay didn't move her enough to act on them. By the time AH attempt comeback in her 40s, she could no longer find any good roles, young or old.

As mentioned above by some non stans, RaM and Bloodline etc were all awful. She always had a stack of new scripts sent to her out on the table Like I said nothing interested her enough and at this point she only worked for the money. She had lousy taste in husbands. Mel Ferrer was the epitome of bland and Dr. Dotti cheated on her openly. At least she found some happiness with Merle Oberon's widower, Robert Wolders. What did Audrey Hepburn ever do to you R? Her legacy is hardly zero.

She is the most beloved and widely known Hollywood Golden Age actress to most straight men and women, all hipsters and fashionistas, people under 40 and some true romantics everywhere. She places above Monroe, Garland, Stanwick, Crawford and many others.

a personal odyssey through film

If you are on Instagram or Twitter, AH is still a reference for many points of style and loveliness. She was beloved by everyone who ever worked with her and didn't beat or pimp out her children. She was in three or more classic films and was never more than modest and grateful for her success. She worked hard and wanted to do better. She loved clothes, took great photos and always presented herself with both great style and reticence - she was lovely. She was girlish, then ladylike. She probably doesn't appeal to campy old men or drag queens. She loved clothes, yes, but she was frequently at home in her casual and garden clothes.

Her home was modestly furnished as well. She really did have la vie belle. The tricks they used to make Hepburn look younger in Two for the Road actually made her look older. They used Sophia Loren eyeliner and gave her that short wig that looked like a teased pixie cut with sideburns, plus the mod styles meant for young girls which she was 15 years too old to pull off. Honestly, she looks like she should be playing the Ingrid Bergman role in Cactus Flower, she looks so old.

She was by most accounts, a sweet natured woman who was scarred emotionally by her parents divorce and her experiences living under Nazi rule during the war. She suffered from depression and picked the wrong men. But she was well loved by just about all who met her.

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That movie was trash. Well, Capucine was better, more arch - but Audrey was good, for her type. Skinny Euro ex-money, that French knows how to tie scarves thing they got going on - Yeah, I know, it was Belgium, not France, thank you Hercule Capucine was bipolar and killed herself though, so Audrey held together better with her evening scotch and ciggies. Let Audrey stans be triggered by well-documented facts.

An actress' looks and acting ability are not above objective criticism. The way they go around attacking anyone who criticize their idol show the media-brainwashed sheeple they are. But she hit the wall around The Unforgiven and became wrinkled and hard and grossly underweight thereafter. Anyone who think 60s Audrey looked good is ProAna, and blind to wrinkles and hairloss from underweight.

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And I love how even the stan-iest of AH stans can only pick out that one scene in Million where she is masked as a sign of her still looking good. HELLO her face was obscured in that scene for crying out loud! That says something about the state of her looks at And yes, they need to cast someone who looked young enough to couple with Finney in Two For the Road.

As it is the result is Too Frau the Role. Sadly, you can be matronly while thin, as AH so perfectly demo-ed in her 60s films. Her looks in those films are some of the most iconic in film history. Audrey is commonly thought to be too old for her role in MFL. It's even listed on Imdb's MFL page. Have a reality check, stan. Nah - it would have been even creepier if Audrey'd been younger, with lecherous Rex Harrison. And there are those who think Harrison was too old to play Higgins. I happen to think they are both wonderful.

Could they have been a bit younger? But neither are they too old. They both give tremendous incandescent performances. The sculptor falls in love with his statue.

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And his statue was a ripe young flower girl, not a year-old anorexic who started her songs with her mouth wide open. Still say she looks good for Rex. A kid would've been too boring for the old prof - not enough layers. Have you been around a something? He was in love with her because she was mouldable not because she was a fascinating woman of the world. Jack Warner's first choice for Higgins was Cary Grant who declined.

He was 4 years older than Harrison. But honestly there are many people who love Charade and you don't hear of them going around complaining about the age difference. Also I've read many contemporary reviews of MFL and while a number had problems with the film I don't remember any having a problem with Hepburn's age. Where are you quoting from?

When the film was restored and played at the Ziegfeld The Times said in hindsight Hepburn gives a wonderful performance and people were tripping over each other saying what a revelation it was. I went 3 times and each performance was a sell out. What the hell do you mean, R17? She was always devoted to charity. People who worked with her genuinely liked her. And she loved meeting the children. Save your cracks for Emma Thompson, who is a lot less talented than she thinks she is-.

Look up the ages of the first Eliza and the one currently playing her on Broadway. And Hepburn was too old? She was a dewy eyed sprite in comparison. By the way Robert Harris who restored MFL in the 90s was able to find better elements and restored it again for the 50th anniversary on bluray.

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It comes in a glossy black and silver box. Watch it on a very large TV.

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It's use of Super Panavision70 is jaw-dropping. Yeah R and R - I don't see any problem with Audrey's age whatsoever.

The first film version I think the first anyway was Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller, a 19 year age difference. Wendy was 26 when she played Eliza. With Rex and Audrey, 21 years she was But as producer Jack Warner probably correctly believed - only Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor had the box office standing at the time to make a smash of it so no to Julie Andrews, though supposedly at first Audrey tried to insist Julie get the role.

In Funny Face, she was with Fred Astaire who was 30 years older - now that was pretty strange but I can't remember the storyline and what kind of romance it was. One of film's oddest pairings though imo.